Annabel Konig


Interdisciplinary in nature, my practice employs a wide range of media. I’m not tied to any one discipline. In fact, my practice requires me to explore new and combined methods, thus discovering conclusions relevant to the work I wish to explore.

In my work I often collaborate with other artists and with the general public. I look for technical assistance when I need it, as my ideas can sometimes be complicated and require expertise I do not have. Yet, often, in other work, such as the drawing show ‘I smile at Life’ I have worked on my own, with my own demons.

The surrounds that I find myself in, have always been part of my process, it enables me to select what I see, it is the centre point from which new projects develop. I currently live in a rural setting and that cannot but be part of what I make.

I may depict my surroundings in a documentary, direct and photographic manner, or I will use those surroundings to work through ideas to a more abstract, interpretive and interactive conclusion.

I am interested in making work that hopefully touches people. I have many projects that I would like to do. Like many artists, there are ideas that travel with me in the hope of some day, reaching their fruition. Life as an artist is not always the most financially secure, but it is something that I will do for the rest of my life and that is a brilliant thing.

Upcoming shows:
 August 2016: Coast Guard Cultural Centre, Tramore, Ireland.
October 2016: Open Ateliers, Spanjaardshof, The Hague, the Netherlands.
 2017:  Galerie 44.  Solo show. The Hague, the Netherlands.

More information about my work can be found on:

Red tractor green field the loop “Little Red Tractor”

Peter R's cow shed, view “Peter’s cow shed window”

7.'Haybale sculpture' 2014 various dimentions, didgital photography

“Hay bale sculpture”

Farming scene wallpaper. Drawing on paper, two stips. 150 cms x 70 cms. 2014“Farming scene wallpaper”4:100

 “100 Snap Shots” oil on card.