annabel konig


Interdisciplinary in nature, my practice employs a wide range of media. I’m not tied to any one discipline. In fact, my practice requires me to explore new and combined methods, thus discovering conclusions relevant to the work I wish to explore.

In my work I often collaborate with other artists and with the general public. I look for technical assistance when I need it, as my ideas can sometimes be complicated and require expertise I do not have. Yet, often, in other work, such as the drawing show ‘I smile at Life’ I have worked on my own, with my own demons.

The surrounds that I find myself in, have always been part of my process, it enables me to select what I see, it is the centre point from which new projects develop. I currently live in a rural setting and that cannot but be part of what I make.

More information about my work can be found on:

Recent: Public Art Commission – HSE – 20 large scale photographs documenting the Dundrum Mental Hospital, Dublin.

January 2019. The 9 Stones Artists – Wood cuts and Artist’s book. Visual, Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow.

‘Memory Map’- ‘Belonging’ – Abraham Maslow’s 3ed ‘Hierarchy of Need’. Rathanna, County Carlow.  May 2018 to May 2019. Launched September 2019.

 2018: Create – Arts Council of Ireland, ‘Artist in the Community Award’ (Memory Map).

Creative Ireland Award, Carlow Arts Office/Independent adjudicators (Memory Map).

ArtLinks Bursary Award, Carlow, Ireland.

2017: Residency award winner: Dunamaise Open, Portloaoise, Ireland.

LoosenArt photographic publication ‘Shift‘.

September: ‘Food – Newfoundland’. Two week residency.

August: World Refugee Day, 20.06: ‘This I can carry‘. phase 2. Numerous public spaces in galleries throughout Ireland, the Netherlands and the US.

August: Grennan Mill.  Solo/Group show. Thomastown, Kilkenny Arts Festival.

April – June: ‘Platteland – Ierland‘ Solo show, Galerie 44, The Hague, the Netherlands.

May: ‘This I can carry‘.   Residency in Athens, Greece.pre athens image


Food – Newfoundland

food delivery bag r



‘Memory Map’. A community based project involving Rathanna village, County Carlow. Grant aided by the Arts Council – Create, ‘Artist in the Community’ scheme, Carlow County Council and the Creative Ireland fund.

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