anthony lyttle

Falling, VISUAL Carlow, 2012


There is association with water and light, and also with indigenous textiles, which is an increasing influence, and is echoed by the production of the drawing and the making of the pieces.

Anthony Lyttle studied Fine Art Painting in the National College of Art and Design Dublin, and for a Master’s Degree at the Byam Shaw, Central St Martins, University of the Arts, London.With a background in printmaking, his work explores the varying approaches to the media of drawing, painting and print.

Anthony Lyttle’s drawings hold vast reservoirs of feeling beneath the surface. His densely pattered works have an in-between quality that unsettled the eye but also keeps it interested

Aidan Dunne review in the Irish Times on Thicket, The Cross Gallery, Dublin 2015

Recent Solo exhibitions include:

Thicket, The Cross Gallery, Dublin 2015, ‘

Accumulation at Visual, Centre for Contemporary Art Carlow 2012,

The White Mark at the Cross Gallery Dublin in 2011.

Group shows:

AIRMAIL, Yanagisawa, Tokyo 2015,

The RHA annual exhibition as a guest artist in 2014, Dublin.

Repetition curated by Margaret O’Brien, Monster Truck Gallery, Temple Bar, Dublin 2013.

Through the Back Door, Kunstraum, Lichtenstein, 2010.

Anthony is currently living in the Backstairs Mountains, Co Carlow and is a lecturer at IT Carlow, Wexford Campus School of Art and Design.

Accumulation 293x360cm


Anthony Lyttle’s work interest is in exploring secondary and in-between images, and transitional states.
The recent drawings predominantly concentrate on movement through recurring marks and patterns where there is no single point of focus, and which aims to draw the viewer into an immersive space.

The physical process spending time marking the paper is an important part to making this work, with the repetition of the same mark creating a kind of rhythmic energy through the repetitive action, which determines the resulting image.

As the drawings evolve, an investigation into the random openings and closures sometimes happens, and begin to form a shadow image. The shadow assumes a visual influence of the picture plane, and the resulting play of balance between dominant / recessive. Obscuring and camouflaging becomes my preoccupation in building a density of marks on the surface of the delicate paper.

See more of Anthony’s work at

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