jules michael

"Gantry" 120 x 150cm, arcylic, spray-paint, oil on canvas, 2015

Gantry 120 x 150cm, acrylic, spray-paint, oil on canvas, 2015

“The work is informed by an interest in place, and metaphors contained in the architectural infrastructure. 1930s civic buildings, large Modernist utopian aspirations or more human, pragmatic solutions to practical problems are indications of previous history and the passing of time. Some are profoundly urban; others are located in more rural places. As I walk or drive along, subliminal triggers are hit. Shapes, forms, angles and light are gathered by the camera or by drawing and then re-played in the studio process. I question if these narratives of time and history can be provoked, or alluded to, in the painting.

I am interested in how the painted form can exist in a place that lies between memory and knowledge. An image can teeter between holding a sense of the familiar, while simultaneously having the ability to slip from our grasp.

There is a tension between abstracted forms and concrete visual information. Space within the frame, and the balance – or lack of – between these spaces is also important. The fractured forms allude to the splintering, fragmenting illusions of memory.”


Pin-point being documented on studio wall

Pin-Point being documented on the studio wall

Change of Use

Change of Use 61 x 61cm acrylic, oil on canvas, 2105

Born in Mayo and living in County Carlow for the past twenty years, Jules has a background in facilitating sessional artwork and community arts practice. Returning to full-time education, she graduated from the Wexford School of Art and Design in 2011 (First Class Hons). She has a post-grad certificate in Arts and Healthcare Settings with NUIM, and completed her MFA (NCAD) in 2015.

please contact: julesmichael.com

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