Gate Lodge exhibition for the Carlow Arts Festival 2015

9 Stones invite 2015 exterior gate lodgeAs part of the curated Carlow Arts Festival, we showed in the wonderful Gate Lodge on the grounds of St. Patrick’s college, Carlow.

Video works at upcoming 9 Stones Artists exhibtion for Eigse

the neighbours (2012) HD video 00:34 cathy fitzgerald

Nine Stones Artists member Cathy Fitzgerald will be exhibiting some experimental film works with the The Nine Stones Artists , at Deighton Hall, Carlow, for Eigse 2012, 9-17 th June.

Since Cathy’s works to date are mostly 1-2 minute clips and are a video diary of an ongoing, slow art & ecology forest transformation project (she is transforming her conifer plantation to a permanent forest), she will make a film-reel of different short works for Eigse 2012,  with some new clips such as ‘the neighbours’ sketch above. It will show her interest in moving from conventions of overly narrated nature documentary to exploring cinematic perspectives that attempt to more sensitively attend, give more prominence to the universe of communities that make up her small forest, on which others and herself depend.  Her recent writings about ecocide and the anthropocene (the age of man) has made her aware that we must urgently extend our perceptions to encompass the more-than-human world, and  ‘yield to our neighbours, even to our animal (and plant) neighbours, the same right as ourselves to inhabit’ this land, if we are all to survive and thrive.

Cathy is currently working on a long term artistic project entitled: ‘The ecocidal eye: beyond the anthropocentric (human centered) gaze to a relational gaze in cinema’, see more at  the ecocinema enquiry

All 9 stones artists will be exhibiting together in Carlow during the Eigse Festival in Deighton Hall, opening 6pm  9 June, full details here

Thanks to Eigse, Carlow Co Council Arts Office and thanks to O’Shea’s of Borris

egise logo 2012

The Nine Stones Artists to exhibit at Deighton Hall, Carlow for Eigse 2012


‘In a hotly anticipated unveiling of artworks by ‘Nine Stones’ in the mesmerizing Deighton Hall, this is going to be an unusual treat for the more intrepid art lover … and more curious foodie.’

The Nine Stones Artists was formed in 2004.  Its members are professional artists most of whom are based in the foothills of the BlackstairsMountainsin South County Carlow—video artists, printmakers, sculptors, photographers, painters and installation artists.

Cathy Fitzgerald, Gwen Wilkinson, Annabel Konig, Martin Lyttle, Jules Michael, Rachel Joynt, Michelle Byrne, Stephen O Briain, Eileen MacDonagh, Brian Hand, Orla Ryan and Remco de Fouw will occupy and adorn the raw exposed brick hall space of Deighton Hall with some of the most intriguing artworks to have emerged by any art collective in the country.

Note, the proprietors of Lennon’s Restaurant together with the Carlow Brewing Company promise some POP-UP fare* on Tues, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (12, 13, 15 & 16 June)

thanks to O’Shea’s of Borris

egise logo 2012

VENUE: Deighton Hall,Dublin Street, Carlow


DATES: Saturday 9th – Sunday 17th June

Opening hours:  1pm to 7pm daily,
*POP-UP BAR Tues, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (12, 13, 15 & 16 June) 8- until 10 pm

9 Stones Artist Anthony Lyttle to exhibit ‘Accumulation’ at Visual during Eigse 2012

work by Anthony LyttleAnthony Lyttle is Eigse’s 2012 selected ’059′ artist  

Anthony Lyttle will create an immersive space within the gallery by making a series of large scale drawings and inter-related smaller works on paper. Central to these drawings is the physical process of making, which involves the endless repetition of the same mark and the ensuing rhythmic energy of repetitive action.

As the drawings evolve, a shadow image forms and assumes a visual influence of the picture plane, resulting in a play of balance between the dominant and the recessive. Obscuring and camouflaging becomes the preoccupation in building a density of marks on the surface of the delicate paper.

Anthony Lyttle was born in Kenya, spending his childhood in Kenya and Ethiopia before moving to Ireland in his teenage years. He studied Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design Dublin and he did his MA in Fine Art Painting at the Byam Shaw, Central St Martins, University of the Arts, London. His recent exhibitions include ‘The white mark’ the Cross Gallery (Dublin) 2011 and ‘Through the Back Door’ Kunstraum (Liechtenstein) 2010. He is currently living in Killedmond in Co Carlow near Mt Leinster. For more info see

This exhibition is curated by Denis Roche.

egise logo 2012VENUE: Digital Gallery, Visual Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow


11am-5pm Tuesday– Saturday 
2pm-5pm Sunday

9 Stones artists to exhibit in historic Deighton Hall Carlow, for Eigse 2012

Opening Saturday 9 June – 17  2012, the 9 Stones artists are delighted to announce that they will be exhibiting in Deighton Hall Carlow. More details about the opening reception and opening times to follow.

Deighton Hall, Carlow

Image Source: Carlow County Library

9 Stones Artists exhibiting this year for Eigse 2012 will be:

Annabel Konig, Michelle Byrne, Gwen Wilkinson,  Jules Michael, Martin Lyttle, Cathy Fitzgerald, Rachel Joynt, Remco DeFouw. (Anthony Lyttle will be exhibiting in the Visual Gallery during Eigse)

Local artists Eileen MacDonagh, Stephen O’Briain, Orla Ryan and Brian Hand will also be exhibiting this year with the 9 Stones Artists.

Some history on Deighton Hall:

Carlow Deighton Memorial Hall in Burrin Street, Carlow was built around the mid 1700′s, and while it’s had a long and varied past, it’s been lying empty and derelict for a number of years. Half of the building was demolished in the 1920′s in order to install bathrooms and a kitchen. It was once used as the county courthouse, a theatre, a ballroom, a meeting place and a cinema.

The building, on the corner of Burrin Street and Kennedy Avenue, Carlow has been sold to a well-known businessman. It was another businessman in 1909, plumber Joseph Deighton, who gave the premises its name and in the late nineteenth century it housed the Deighton Plumbers & Vulcan Foundry & Ironworks. Joseph Deighton later handed the building over to St Mary’s Church of Ireland parish for use as a parochial hall, and in the mid-twentieth century it was used as a ballroom. The Courthouse had been the location of a number of Court martial’s in the aftermath of the 1798 Rebellion in Carlow. Up until the early 1830s this building functioned as the County Courthouse and was the seat of the Grand Jury (forerunner of the County Council). The prisoner holding cells were located in the basement with direct access to the courtroom.