‘Food – Newfoundland’

Friday 8th September 2017.    Flight 17, West Jet to St. John’s

I am at the gate, on my way to St. John’s in Canada. Outside the morning brightness reflects on large cumulus clouds: soft cream and blues. It may have taken a few years of talking about Newfoundland, but I am now lucky enough to have a two-week residency on this island.

Since pre Irish Famine times, people have been emigrating to Newfoundland from Ireland. They were going for the fishing but often came from farming backgrounds. Of all the emigrants, the Irish were the largest consortium to move their lives to Newfoundland and many families came from counties Waterford, Wexford, West Meath and Carlow, a place that I call home.

I am particularly curious to discover if the historical link with Newfoundland still exists though farming practices, methods or specific plants and if these were integrated into modern day food production.

I know it won’t be like stepping back into history yet I am looking for connections, traditions or knowledge that may have been passed down through families, I think about the emigrants in boats, bringing with them what they could carry, making this same journey but going to start a new life on a different island.

For full text and images, please see: https://annabelkonigvisualartist.com/2017/09/19/food-newfoundland/

fish max

Max’s dried fish. Phillip’s Cove, Newfoundland.

Annabel Konig – selected for seaside residency and new work on farming in Carlow

buoy  Peter Curran. Lifeboat Section Mechanic and bass player in a local band
Congratulations to 9 Stones artist Annabel Konig for her new residency with the Co. Waterford Arts Office. Below Annabel discusses her latest work
“I am currently working as the sea-side artist in residence for the county Waterford arts office, with Co. Arts Officer Margaret Organ.  This residency, which will run for about 8 months is an exploration of the coastal towns of the county and how the local community, landscape and villages spend their time in the off season.  I am interesting in gathering stories from the locals and making a visual diary of the sea/land during this period. The works will be shown at the Dungarvan Arts Centre during the summer (2014) and in some of the local community halls of the villages where I am working.
 Haybale sculpture
“I am also working on a local project which investigates farming and the farmers in my local Carlow area.   I am looking into how they use their inventiveness, ingenuity and knowledge to farm, fix and manage their livestock.  This, currently is a photographic project.”