9 Stones Artist Rachel Joynt at RHA Ashford Gallery 15 Nov – 20 Dec

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Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea-change,
into something rich an strange

William Shakespeare, The Tempest

A new body of work comprising of delicate bronze sea forms alongside sand pictures, exploring, comparing and contrasting themes around our Earths wealth and riches, by Rachel Joynt RHA will be on exhibit in the RHA Ashford Gallery. This work plays with the complex relationship between ecology and the economy and the ebb and flow within markets and ocean currents.

Joynt brings a level of delicacy and fragility to figurative sculpture based on these sensitive and fragile life forms that inhabit unpolluted pockets of ocean.

Using the Echinoid Skeletons, in particular the Sand dollar species, as a metaphor for richness, wealth and the search for rejuvenation and sustenance. Perforated symmetrical forms that emanate warm light in chalky opalescent colours. In reference to Sand dollars; ‘is a creature whose very strangeness helps us to see ourselves more clearly by showing us what we are not’. The Ancestor’s Tale by Richard Dawkins.

Permanence, transience and flux are reoccurring themes and her use of sand, light, glass, bronze and cast iron underline this. For Joynt, scale is also important, transforming our normal viewpoint by using different magnifications, she allows the subject to take on a new presence.


See more at www.racheljoynt.com

Remco de Fouw – fabulous new sculpture installation ‘Voice’

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Remco de Fouw recently completed a new project :VOICE

It was commissioned by the OPW for the Irish Prison Services Headquaters, Longford

A stunning and ambitious work, the installation is capture here:

Client: OPW

Location: Irish Prison Services Headquaters, Longford

Materials: Granite, Brass, Stainless steel

Brief: Open

Dimensions: 63,000 cm


The context provided the inspiration for this commission.
A huge granite boulder sits to the side of the 100 meter glass atrium.
This has a series of playful ring marks cleanly cut into its surface and from it leaps the main feature.
It is a 63 meter long curved conical ‘horn’ form appearing to penetrate the glass curtain wall and is then suspended in a huge ark overhead in atrium.
It is a semi transparent brass and stainless mesh helix, ending in a 2000mm open mouth seen here.

See more here: http://www.remcodefouw.net/voice-2/


Remco de Fouw’s work receives 2013 Curtin O’Donoghue Photography Award

Remco de Fouw’s photographic installation ‘Reconnection Series’ which was produced for the 2012 9 Stones show in Deighton hall, Carlow, recently received The Curtin O’Donoghue Photography Award at the 2013 RHA Annual show and was purchased by them for their prestigious collection.

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More info: see http://www.remcodefouw.net/reconnection/

9 Stone artists works at RHA

A number of the 9 stones artists had work selected for the 2012 RHA Open exhibition in Dublin; Eileen MacDonagh, Rachel Joynt, Remco de Fouw, Martin Lyttle and Michelle Byrne. The exhibition opened this weekend.

'Velvet' by Martin Lyttle 2012

Martin Lyttle’s latest Kilkenny limestone sculpture ‘Velvet‘ was sold on the opening night!

Journey by Michelle Byrne

and big congratulations to Michelle Byrne for her work ‘Journey‘. Michelle was today awarded the Conor/Moran ESB medal for outstanding sculpture. This piece is the small scale model for a public art commission that Michelle is currently undertaking for St Mary’s school in Thomastown.

All 9 stones artists will be exhibiting together in Carlow during the Eigse Festival in Deighton Hall, opening 6pm  9 June, full details here