Tunnel Vision: work from Annabel Konig

polly tunnel july.11.12

This is the video Annabel created for her recent MA fine art exhibition installation, inspired by the environment in which she lives:

‘I have been taking images of the poly-tunnel in my garden over the past two years. I have documented the tunnel in various weather conditions and at different times of day and night. The poly-tunnel, by itself, is not a thing of beauty, however it has, over time, become to me a constant revelation.’

‘I considered how in and around the man-made structure of a poly-tunnel, nature’s firsthand details are gradually revealed. We are now living in a sped-up world.  We allow the accepted shortcuts of “looking” to block out using our time to really see an image.   Highlighting how the familiar becomes strange, my images ask the viewer to look with a slower and more deliberated eye at the images made apparent.’

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